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About Myself

You must found some info about me in previous page in brief. However you don't know about me some more things.

I was born in Tashkent, Old City. I've gone to school since 1985 and these days I am a student of Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. In my childhood I used to play many uzbek and international games like Ping Pong, Basketball etc. after some time I began to get interested by computer games and computing. This time I spend my time generally by computing. When I was little and the time when I went to kindergarden an apple fell on my head and I suddenly discovered The Law of Gravitation. After the event my student (Isaac Newton) came and asked me some questions I answered and then I explained to that smart guy about the Pulling Forces of the objects. He quickly understood what I ment and advised me to write an article about it but I refused and as he still was older than me I gave the materials to him, after some time he published his book of Gravitation forces on Earth.

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